The Roadmaker Inn.

This traditional country pub was built in 1847 by Benjamin James, a local man who made roads with chippings from the two nearby quarries. Originally named Roadway Place its owner bred pigs and made his own cider. In 1871 the building was renamed and for over 100 years it was known as The New Inn.

The first structural changes to the pub in over a century began in the early 1970s when Walter and Beryl Baker moved to Gorsley from Birmingham. Substantial changes were made to the inside layout, part of what had been a private room was combined with the old 'snug' to create the new larger bar area and for the first time there was a lounge bar. A not insignificant change was the construction of indoor toilets, up until this time customers had to venture out in all weathers to the conveniences at the back of the pub. In 1976 to avoid confusion with the many other pubs in the area called the 'New Inn' and as a tribute to its original builder its name was again changed and it has since been known as The Roadmaker Inn.

The pub was taken over in the late 1970's by Sir David Gamble (The 5th Baronet of Windlehurst), his wife Dawn and their family. Sadly Sir David died in 1984 at the age of just 51 shortly after leaving the Roadmaker. The pub has changed hands many times in recent years and in 1998 a further extension was built to enlarge the restaurant and over the years this charming village pub has been modernised and extended into a venue that is ideal for a quiet drink or a fun night out.

The Roadmaker Inn has recently changed hands again and is now owned and run by former members of the 1st Royal Ghurka Rifles who have an impressive 76 years service in the Ghurkas between them.

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